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Pak fishing boat self-explodes after being intercepted by indian coast guard

The indian coast guard foiled a possible terror attack bid when it intercepted a suspicious pakistani boat off the porbander coast in gujarat.

Gujarat: 26/11 kind of planned terror attack from pakistan foiled by indian coast guard

A suspicious pakistani fishing boat intercepted by the coast guard and navy in the arabian sea exploded and sank after its crew set fire to it, the indian.

Indonesia attacks china in south china sea! china uncensored

China has been attacked in the south china sea by indonesia! Well, at least thats how the chinese foreign ministry describes it. Indonesia has a different side.

Pak marine attacked an indian fishing boat

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Worlds biggest shark ever! megalodon

The biggest shark to have ever lived, is the megalodon, a giant prehistoric shark and a legendary killer. Megalodon monster shark lives? 11 biggest sharks.

Pakistan captures two indian fishing boats, 12 fishermen detained

Four days after coast guard intercepted a pakistani fishing boat allegedly carrying explosives off the coast of gujarat, pakistan maritime security agency (msa).

Amazing shark fish hunter in sea view pakistan lets watch it...

Blacktip shark fishing, what we do for one shark 4/4 hammer head! Shark fishing safety, avoid a baby black tip shark attack awesome 1000 pound.

Epic amazon river monster

The amazon is filled with all kinds of river monsters and we all know the piranha is the most famous. But one of the biggest river monsters in the amazon, and.

Most dangerous snake found in pakistan gharo thatta

Most dangerous snake in pakistan snake eaten fish, snake eat fish snake vs fish snake fight snake catch snake caught wiper snake cobra snake black snake.