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Golden retriever is a dog of large stature usually covered with straight or moderately wavy coat. Its discovery and development actually.

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Golden retriever dog scientific name canis lupus familiaris higher classification: dog origin great britain, size: female 5156 cm, male 5661 cm, weight:.

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10. Bulldog other names: english bulldog country of origin england weight: male 45-55 lbs female: about 45 lbs life span 710 years 9. Beagle: other.

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How to potty train a golden retriever puppy golden retriever house training tips - housebreaking golden retriever puppies fast & easy.

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2 month old male purebred akc golden retrievers who were surrendered by their owner in rural tennessee. This pups live in the house with his foster family.


About cletus retriever, golden/retriever, labrador age 6 years 1 month sex: male price 99.00 color: golden/ weight here since: id: 18748937.

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