What address of the white house

President obama speaks at the white house correspondents association dinner

Washington, dc.

President obama at white house correspondents dinner 2016 full speech

Obama out complete remark. president obama and larry wilmore speak at the white house correspondents dinner the annual white house.

Larry wilmore complete remarks at 2016 white house correspondents dinner (c-span)

From c-span coverage, larry wilmore remarks at the 2016 white house correspondents dinner. Watch the complete video here:

Loserdonald wants to film the apprentice from white house

It turns out donald trump wants to film episodes of the apprentice from the white house if he wins the election. Cenk uygur, host of the young turks, breaks it.

Gerald celente predicts trump wins white house

On the 2016 election, a surprising turn around for trump. Trends forecaster gerald celente explains, we now forecast trump will win. First, we had clinton.

President obama roasts donald trump at white house correspondents dinner!

President obama mocks donald trump over birth certificate conspiracy, celebrity apprentice & his presidential ambitions!

What not to do at the white house!

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Clip: president obamas anger translator (c-span)

Clip president obama and his anger translator at 2015 white house correspondents dinner. Watch complete video here:

God took rich vera to the white house. find out what he saw!

Click here to order your copy of the final countdown by rich vera: rich vera found himself in the spirit, supernaturally in the white house.

White house digital ham4ham 3/19/16 jeffersons band

The presidents band, aka the marine band, was created by thomas jefferson during his presidency. Here they are, playing whatd i miss in the lobby of the.