Adopt a guinea pig month 2015
Adopt a rescued guinea pig month

Visit. Americans recognized this pet holiday in march.

Pets on parade 3/19/16 - adopt a guinea pig month (part 3)

This clip from pets on parade features a variety of ahs adoptable pets, an eamt cat rescue and a special guest appearance from the piggie poo rescue in.

How much does a guinea pig cost?! monthly & initial costs

Winners of my giveaway are hammock deborah den oude tunnel: lex bug congrats! I will message you today:) please check your inbox so that i can send out.

7 month old emma the guinea pig up for adoption

The animal rescue league doesnt just get cats and dogs looking for homes.

Full story * Meet radish and dotty. So i have been searching for a friend for bailey for a very looong time now, bailey was neutered a few months back so that.

Emergency guinea pig rescue

Just another day in the life as an animal advocate, volunteer and rescuer. Please note that i am affiliated with a rescue that will be taking in these guinea pigs.

Final video: a guinea pig has encapsulated abscess excised pt 2

Some months ago, the leg abscess was lanced and drained by me. However, it did not disappear but grew bigger as the guinea pig licks it. The first treatment is.

New guinea pig popcorning

We adopted 6 month old dilly last sunday. I think she likes her new home, especially floor time.

Webkinz cinnamon guinea pig plush unboxing - new pet august 2015!

Get a close-up look at the new webkinz cinnamon guinea pig, available now at and coming later in the month to our store on amazon.

7 adopted guinea pigs: a bit about them

Other videos morning routine: cage cleaning: .