Call into sweden
Artie quitter podcast - johannes from sweden calls steve somers

From artie quitter podcast 62 artie plays one of rod from baysides prank calls. Johannes from sweden calls into wfans steve somers. Subscribe

I call a random swede clisare

Sweden set up a phone number where you can call a random swede so i rang one! Lets turn it into a challenge. If youre reading this, youre tagged! Call a.

Learn swedish swearwords

Click here to become a bro! comments here! download my app! Apple android.

Swedish stereotypes (w/pewdiepie)

We talk with swedish expert pewdiepie about swedish stereotypes. Gmm 544! Good mythical more: for a free trial of.

A muslim living in sweden supports isis calls brotherrachid

Ahmed is a muslim who lives in sweden, he called brother rachids show to say that he supports isis and that he is in a religious duty in sweden to spread.

Paranoia? sweden to call up reservists, citing russian threat

Sweden is planning to call up about 7000 army reservists for retraining, to step up the countrys security. One of the reasons for that move, according to the.

Pewdiepie teaches stephen some swedish curse words

In his videos, youtube superstar pewdiepie curses in english, but stephen figures he must know some pretty great swedish slang he can sneak past the.

Probing israel for killing palestinians stupid

Israeli prime minister says swedens call for an investigation into killing of palestinians by israeli forces is outrageous, immoral and stupid. Speaking at a.

Pol calls sweden

Sweden has become the first country in the world to get a phone number. It connects to random swedes, so you too can talk to their vibrant and diverse.

First azan muslim call to prayer in stockholm - sweden

Historic prayer call heard at stockholm mosque worshippers at the fittja mosque in southern stockholm on friday heard swedens first-ever call to prayer, which.