Atom longboards canada

Atom drop through longboard review


Whats better atom boards or landyachtz longoards of canada tell me what you think

This girl said that the atom low rider longboard is better than the landyachtzevo well tell me what you thinkk.

Atom longboards

Pintail longboards built by original skateboards

The crew from the original longboard shop heads out to finish summer of right while showing off the four new pintail 37, pintail 40, pintail 43 and pintail 46.

Longboard boardguide reviews: pintails by original skateboards with lindsay

Pintail longboards by original skateboards: classic pintail shape. True pintail performance. Each board is a simple shape with elegant wood construction,.

Cameron park - canadian spring longboarding

First nice day of skating out here in fredericton new brunswick (east coast canada)

Atom pintail longboard review

Me doing a review on the 39 inch atom pintail longboard. Any questions you have leave in the comments and plz subscribe. Thanks!

Just a nice little longboard cruise in canada

Atom lowrider longboard review/flextest

This here is the atom lowrider longboard, ive had it for a bit over a year now, and has proven to be a great downhill board. The deck is 40. And the wheels are.

Atom 41-inch drop-thru longboard down hill

Atom longboard going down hill with me and my friend.