Aunt sally jokes
Jimmy kimmel and cousin sal prank aunt chippy - fake sonogram

Jimmy and his cousin sal set up a fake sonogram appointment for their pregnant cousin micki. She was in on the bit, but her mother (jimmy and sals aunt.

Cousin sal pranks aunt chippy at ceramics class

Jimmy has pulled so many pranks on aunt chippy that at at this point hes always worried that shell catch on. So he sent his cousin sal to mess with her where.

Halloween prank on my aunt sally (the scary maze game)

Today i decided to prank my aunt sally, since she absolutely hates being scared. Enjoy!

Aunt sally prank

Foreign press junket prank on aunt chippy

Weve pulled a lot of pranks on jimmys aunt chippy. This time we told her that she and guillermo were going to be interviewed by members of the foreign press.

Crawfish prank with aunt chippy

Jimmys cousin eric helps him play a prank on his aunt chippy using a crawfish. Subscribe to get the latest kimmel: watch the.

Best joke sandpaper sally dirty jokes pg comedy after work extra

Best joke funny bad dirty jokes pg comedy after work extra this is just a quick dirty joke for the heck of it.. Yea its a oldie.

Jokes - a mother comes home from work to find that her kids are hiding behind the couch. she asks wh

Catarman fiesta 092804 13

Kuya ronnie, ate edna, & mamas elder sisters: aunt dory, aunt rosing (papas bestfriend, joke!) & our dearest aunt sally just passing by right before the end of.

Addicted too hating you a nelena story episode 6