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Think acronym - thinking before we speak

In the book of ephesians 4:29 the apostle paul admonishes christians do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths but only what is helpful for.

T.h.i.n.k think before you speak ( part 1 ) extra

Hey guys, i am aware this video is not the same as to what i usually upload however i thought it may be beneficial. This acronym is powerful if used correctly.

Think before you speak: is it true, kind, necessary & the right timing?

Think before you speak: is it true, kind, necessary & the right timing? in this video, i talk about improving our communication skills.

T.h.i.n.k before you speak

Before we say things, we need to t. h. i. n. k t-is it true? H-is it helpful? I-is it inspiring? N- is it necessary? K-is it kind? created using powtoon free sign up.

Think before you speak

Communication skills expert pamela jett shares two powerful questions you can ask yourself before you speak. Asking these two questions (thinking before you.


Think before you speak (1 of 5)

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Think before you talk with christian de quincey

Christian de quincey, phd, is dean of consciousness studies at the university of philosophical research. He is a faculty member at john f. Kennedy university.

Think before you speak - stay strong

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The thinker

Think before you speak. Thanks to mm for sharing the acronym. Thanks to ian santos (positivetos) for the thinking cap