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True talent on display in tattoo time-lapse

Kalyn brown took a big chance in the form of a half-sleeve mermaid tattoo. In her quest to eventually have a full mermaid tattoo sleeve, brown went to tattoo artist.

Amazing tattoo of paul tibbets, the enola gay and the hiroshima atomic bomb

I found these pictures on the internet: an amazing sock tattoo which features gen. Paul tibbets, the mission commander of the enola gay, the b-29 superfortess.

Atomic bomb pictures

This video shows various atomic bomb testing and related pictures. Taken from actual video footage.

Top 10 post-apocalyptic landscapes in movies

It would almost be worth the world ending just to see these awesome post-apocalyptic landscapes - almost. Join as we count down.

Atomic bomb by forever designs

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How to draw a flying cherry bomb with wings tattoo style - rough sketch

Quick sketch of cherry bomb with wings. In this video i quickly show how i basically draw a cherry with wings. Normally i would draw up several rough sketches.

Custom bmx bike (sticker bombing)

Sticker bombing a y link for lights:.

Aaron beaudette tattooing a pin up girl riding atomic bomb

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The nuclear apocalypse scene terminator 2 (1991) - hd

The nuclear apocalypse scene terminator 2 (1991) - hd note terminator 2: courtesy of carolco pictures us & studiocanal & paramount pictures all rights.