Why did god chose 12 apostles

Jesus calls his apostles jesus: a kingdom without frontiers, ep. 13 - en

The fishermen on the sea of galilee are becoming desperate: they have caught nothing over the last month. Although they continue to fish, they are depressed,.

Twelve apostles of jesus

The twelve apostles of jesus was a special group of disciples that jesus chose from his followers.

Jesus (english) jesus chooses his disciples

Do you have some unanswered questions about your relationship with god? Click here: a docudrama on the life of jesus christ.

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759- the twelve

Song 759 from our gospel in song collection by col johnston. One evening after jesus had been teaching and healing and speaking to crowds, he went up.

The rewards of faithfulness - jentezen franklin

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Greg laurie - 12 men who shook the world

Jesus chose 12 imperfect men to change the world. They were remarkably human, but lead extraordinary lives. Outsiders to the religious oligarchy of the day.

Why did god choose the jews? rabbi tovia singer answers this central question

Apostle johnson suleman how to hear gods voice 1of2

Apostle johnson suleman senior pastor omega fire ministries worldwide ,.

30. jesus- the twelve apostles and jesus sent out the twelve ( luke 6:12-16, matthews 10:1-15)

12 one of those days jesus went out to a mountainside to pray, and spent the night praying to god. 13 when morning came, he called his disciples to him and.