Chip implant victim

Proof of mind control: testing microchip implant victims, jesse beltran

From the proof of mind control series: part of the original video:.

Amanda bynes mind control microchip implanted in her brain, she says - illuminati mk-ultra victim?

Amanda bynes, nickelodeon child star, says a mind control microchip was implanted in her brain and makes her say and do things! - illuminati mk-ultra.

Victims unknowingly implanted with rfid chips

Have you? Rfid chips have been tested on humans for years!

Positive frequency scan of rfid brain implant victim by dr. john hall

Dr. John hall, frequency scan of domestic terrorism victim jesse beltran, sacramento ca. Dr. Hall author a new breed satellite terrorism in.

Rfid-chip and beyond: implanted without consent.

A must see video/radio interview by icaact leaders lars drudgaard and jesse beltran, hd-version. Do not hesitate to share, like and distribute this video to.

Phil valentine - implant victim(brian wronge) interview

Another classic from the dr. Phil valentine valentine interviews implant rfid microchip verichip victim brian wronge. This video is a must see.

Radio frequency scan of brain implant victim from asia

We now have confirmation of brain implanted victims from every continent on the planet! Wake up world before you are next. Remote control human.

Mind control, gang stalking and rfid chip implants testimonies from icaact

On the truth denied radio show today guests: jesse beltran & lars drudgaard of james walbert:board of.

The future: rfid chips implanted

Lionel nys pix 11 news commentary aired april 22, 2011 whats the big deal about the iphone being tracked. What the future holds is even scarier: rfid.

Must see) nano micro chips proofs of mind control mk ultra rfid implants

Anonymous cybernetic rfid brain computer interface .