Battle camp up
Battle camp tutorial - feeding and leveling pets

So there have been a lot of questions asking what the best way to level up pets is. Here is my method. Use my referral code if you want: x9bpwg like my.

Battle camp tutorial - trading!

Trading is back up for battle camp! Quick tutorial how to do it and thoughts on the level requirements. Get the game here!

Battle camp passive leveling quick demo guide by 909

Battle camp passive leveling guide: chance to level up passive success rate passive levelling * Level 1 to level 2 * Maximum passive level is 11 * Which.

How to be a good mentor in battle camp

Did you screw up during your first 15 or so levels in battle camp? Maybe you didnt know how to properly feed, didnt know what evolving was.. Didnt know how.

Battle camp how to get supers without spending gold

How to get super monsters without having to buy and spend gold. Its a rather quick way if you have the patience for it, but its a good way to get better monsters in.

Battle camp - dominion attacks!

Battle camp dominion attacks add me in game so we can trade! Ign: tommybc hit that subscribe button for more videos!!

Battle camp guide - how to level up your monsters

This tip shows how to level up your monsters more as usual and cheapest.

Battle camp - battle royale? worst event ever.

Me playing battle royale and talking about the event and other things amongst battle camp. Use my referral code if you want! - x9bpwg like my facebook page.

Battle camp - how to line up the combos

How to line up your elements to achieve a bigger damage.

Battle camp spinning - stacked up event spins! 9-spin c-c-c-combo!!!!

9 spins in a row! Enjoy! Use my referral code if you want: x9bpwg like my facebook page for instant updates and to contact me!