China automobile stocks

China auto stocks fall on car curbs

Chinas auto stocks fall after beijing introduces measures to tackle traffic jams; investors fear other cities may adopt similar measures which will impact car.

Pickup chinese auto stocks

Interview with andy pickup, publisher of the wall street transcript, about the china automobile parts market.

China stock boom drives luxury car demand

May 26 there are signs that confidence is returning to the high-end consumer market in china with sales of super-luxury cars starting to pick up after a slump.

Wild ride for stocks in china

The stock market in china is up about 25 percent this year, but its been anything but a smooth ride.

China stock market crash: how the british people may be winners

Who may benefit from chinas economic slowdown? And how will the ftse 100 be affected? Jeremy warner explains get the latest headlines.

Typhoon utor stock footage screener, china - 1920x1080 30p

For licensing information please visit or email james (at) earthuncut (dot) tv typhoon utor stock footage screener, china.

China hacked u.s. stock markets & companies say cyber experts.

China hacked u. s. Stock markets & companies say cyber experts. Odds of glitches in 3 major systems astronomically low. The temporary shutdown.

Stocks slump on fresh china slowdown fears

Its the first of the month which means car sales are in. Fiat chrysler (fcau) recorded its best august since 2002 with unit sales up 1.7. Thats more than three.

Mark cuban china stocks vs us & the fed

Mark cuban china stocks vs us & the fed

China stocks drop to almost 4-year low

Chinas benchmark shanghai composite index has fallen to its lowest point since 2009 today, as the economy continues to head towards troubled waters.