Average woman height and weight by country

Are you above or below average?

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18 countries photoshopped one woman to have the perfect body

Beauty standards differ greatly. John and hannah discuss the ideal body in countries around the world. Dont forget guys, if you like this video please like,.

Womens ideal body types around the world

One womans body photoshopped around the world. Check out more awesome buzzfeedyellow videos! music worldwide.

Science has bad news for guys under 59

Though plenty of people could easily spend the first paragraph of a story on shortness delivering one ill-advised pun after another, lets not do that here.

Top 10 countries by average male height

Top 10 countries by average male height (2015) source: wikipedia.

The average size women prefer in a man

The average penis size a woman prefers. Does size matter? Size matters to most woman but not all!

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Plus size: the new normal

A documentary feature that explores what it is like to be a plus size woman in america today. In a country where the average woman is a size 14, clothing stores.

The average size of japanese women bust

Does height matter (would girls date shorter guys) asian boss

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