Amuse s2000 gt5 tuning

Gran turismo 5: honda power house amuse s2000 gt1 turbo at the nordschleife (realistic settings)

No driving aids, abs at 0, realistic grip loss is turned on, tire wear and fuel consumption is turned on, car is unmodified except for the setup, steering sensitivity is.

Gt5 coches para hacer drift amuse s2000 gt1 turbo

I joined maker studios & so can you! Click here to see if your channel qualifies for rpm network/maker studios: primero muchisimas.

Gran turismo 6 amuse s2000 gt1 online test & tune settings tokyo route 246

Testing out one of my s2k gt1s online. Kinda crazy room lol. I was also experimenting with different compound tires on front and rear. Gran turismo 6 has fixed.

Gt6 drift build:amuse s2000 gti turbo drifting build and drifting setup

Gran turismo 6 drift build one of the biggest gran turismo gaming channel with daily uploads! Subscribe, rate and comment i read them all!:d give me a car.

Gran turismo 6 driftworks - amuse s2000 gt1 turbo

Thanks for watching, please comment what car should i do next, and dont forget to hit a like button!:d music eastghost - voyeur facebook fanpage:.

Gt5 drift setup amuse s2000 gt1 turbo

Likessetups subsvideos.

Gt5 prologue - amuse s2000 gt1 turbo drifting

Drifting on eiger nordwand (reverse). Car amuse s2000 gt1 turbo score: 10.165 done with controller no steering wheel! Comments like: i can do much.

Gran turismo 6 tour of japan; suzuka circuit, amuse s2000 r1 04

Tour of japan event; suzuka circuit, amuse s2000 r1 04.

Gt6 - tuner car drift trial

Seasonal event tuner car drift trial track: cape ring inside car: amuse s2000 gt1 turbo in the video i cover the following; - i use a dualshock 3 controller.

Gran turismo 5: amuse s2000 gt1 turbo

What a car this is, looks is awsome shame you cant tune this bad boy still pulls very well, and the red dash what can i say. Love the recaro seats too.