Atom editor for mac
Github atom - why will be your favorite text editor!

Githubs new text editor, is awesome! Im a huge sublime text fan, but i think ill be making the switch to github atom as soon as a few little beta bugs.

A look at atom for mac

A look at the atom editor for mac.

Extra: setting up the atom editor for python

The idle editor that comes with python can only take you so far - it also doesnt work very well with pygame. In this video well walk through setting up the atom.

Installing atom on mac

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My code editor: atom, setup & packages

Ive gotten this question so much lately that its time to make a video about it. Lets look at my current favorite code editor, my setup and packages that i use.

Atom editor - overview and top packages roundup

A review of githubs free & open source text editor - atom! In this video, ill show you pretty much everything you need to know about the atom text editor.

1.1 atom editor - installing atom on mac

This is a video series on the editor from github. This outlines how to get started by installing the atom editor on the mac.

Python 3.5 tutorial - 3. how to install atom for python 3.5

In this video we will look at how to setup a free code editor named atom. Python 3.5 tutorial - 3. How to install atom for python 3.5 for a reason why python is a.

Atom editor tutorials 3 - the atom interface with tricks & tips

In this atom editor tutorial, i explore the atom interface and give some tips for getting around. Subscribe for more free tutorials purchase this.

What is the best python editor

Im constantly switching back and forth between four editors when im writing python code. Every time i feel like i have an editor to solve all my problems i find.