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Want to know how to use your scientific calculator? We thought this might be useful - heres an an easy-to-follow step by step guide. All you need to do is watch,.

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How to evaluate (or simplify) a rational exponent without a calculator.

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Square, cube, exponents, and powers.

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I cover eight examples of increasing complexity. With the last four i also indicate how to subtract exponents when dividing variables.

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Simplifying basic expressions involving exponents with variable bases.

Simplifying exponents

Learn how to simply exponents using all of the properties of exponents. Check out my channel page to see all my videos

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How to use some of the essential funcitons on your calculator. Please leave comments if you have any questions or you have questions about how to do other.

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This lesson teaches how to find the square root of a term that has variables and numbers.

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Do you need to solve algebra equations on the ti-84? The solver will do just that! This video will show you how to use the solver, and some of the limitations of.