Agreement to end fighting is called
Philippines: muslims & mnlf sign peace agreement update

English/nat muslim rebels and the philippine government have signed a peace agreement, formally ending 26 years of civil war in the south of the country,.

Voa news for sunday, september 21st, 2014

Thanks to for audio and text sunday, september 21st, 2014 from washington, this is voa news. Day 2 of a lockdown in freetown, sierra.

Voa news for saturday, august 30th, 2014

Voa news for monday, july 11th, 2016

Voa news for monday, july 11th, 2016 from washington this is voa news. Im victor beattie reporting. Gunfire and explosions could be heard monday in the.

Intense fighting continues in south sudan capital, juba

We headline the show tonight with troubling news from south sudan. Fighting is escalating between troops loyal to president salva kiir and first vice president.

South park make love, not warcraft - battle won

Mom! Bathroom!! Bathroom! Stream the full episode for free here:

Merkel: eu sanctions against russia tied to implementation of minsk agreement

German chancellor angela merkel says eu sanctions against russia will remain in place if the implementation of the minsk agreement is delayed. Merkel said.

India, russia make progress in talks on su-30 mki upgrade

This video shows you that india, russia make progress in talks on su-30 mki upgrade. India and russia made significant progress in the discussions for.

Zambia/congo: congo peace deal latest

English/nat defiant congolese rebels insisted on sunday they will battle on despite the signing by six nations of a long-awaited peace accord to end the fighting.

Teamsters union announces agreement to end us oversight

The teamsters union and the justice department announced wednesday they have reached an agreement to end the governments 25-year anti-corruption.