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Yellow submarine - acoustic cover

This was a fun project. Instruments: epiphone ej-200 artist acoustic guitar, yamaha pacificia 12 string electric, a mandolin in ukulele tuning (gcea) and an egg.

Stary olsa - ob-la-di, ob-la-da/yellow submarine (the beatles medieval covers by stary olsa) (live)

You can help us record a full album of medieval covers here: stary olsa.

The beatles - the making of yellow submarine

Yellow submarine is the tenth studio album by the beatles in the united kingdom, released on apple records. It was issued as the soundtrack to the film of the.

Ringo starr - yellow submarine hd

David lynch foundation change begins within (, radio city music hall, new york city) featuring: eddie vedder, sheryl crow, ben harper. Ringo.

Yellow submarine (cover)- kent & the goblins

Shitty punk band from dallas, recorded this for the bassists college art project.

The beatles - yellow submarine (lyrics, karaoke, cover)

Artist the beatles title: yellow submarine lyrics tags: the beatles, yellow submarine, music, karaoke, lyrics, text, song, singing, instrumental.

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Please read description! Song yellow submarine artist: the beatles (music box artist: relax a wave) follow/support relax a wave here:.

The beatles yellow submarine

Yellow submarine feature film restored for may release on dvd and blu-ray once upon a time. or maybe twice. there was an unearthly paradise called.

Yellow submarine beatles acoustic cover

Yeah!:d if youre a musician, i do challenge you to join me on my noble challenge-quest. It will definitely be interesting:d day 01 your favorite song: danielle.

Ringo sings yellow submarine - the beatles special